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Yes, I Recycle

by Steve Jones

I need to confess; I have a lot to learn about recycling.

I understood the easy stuff. Filling the bin part way with my assortment of newspapers (I'm a news junkie, imagine that), plastic bottles, and on occasion I'd remember to return the plastic grocery bags to the store. This small act on my part made me feel better yet only in an equally small way.

My goal is to grow this small feel better into a larger maybe I can make a bigger difference experience.

I purchased a mid-size cloth tote bag and began taking it with me to the store. At first the hardest part was remembering to take it in the store. After overcoming that hurdle, the trips to return plastic bags declined sharply.

Next I started to inspect more closely items I was about to trash, mostly packaging, to see if they might be recyclable as denoted by the recyclable symbol. Suddenly my recycle bin was getting full from plastic laundry detergent containers, glass, copy paper and stuff I had overlooked before.

So after a little research (thanks here is a list of the most common things that can be recycled.

Acid Batteries - Aluminum Cans

Building Materials - Cardboard

Chemicals - Electronic equipment

Glass (particularly bottles and jars)

Lead - Magazines - Metal

Newspaper - Oil - Paint

Paper - Plastic Bags - Plastic Bottles

Steel Cans - Tires - Appliances

Wood - Writing/Copy Paper

Yard Waste

For a listing of recycling centers and businesses near you, please visit the state by state listing here:

My feeling of satisfaction is growing, but it's not about me.

It's about each of us doing our part.