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Since I conceived of the idea for GreenEarthLive, I’ve been asked time and again: Why start GreenEarthLive?

As 2009 rolls on, America and the world are changing. The ideas and energy that powered the 20th century are in decline. Oil prices are in a constant state of flux with no certainty on how long the supply will last or what we will pay for it. The cost of burning oil and coal in damage to the environment is becoming increasingly clear. Our economy is in steep decline. What can be done to bridge a solution to the problems associated with fossil fuels and our ever fragile planet while at the same time empowering our national and individual economies back to health?

The answer in a word is “green”. Green is the wave of the 21st century. We as a country will either catch this wave or follow in its undertow. The technology and jobs necessary to lift the U.S. from our economic plight and re-build our manufacturing base reside in the green industries of today and tomorrow. These companies will produce the solar panels, batteries, wind turbines, smart grids and numerous other opportunities that haven’t been dreamed of yet.

As with everything in life the key to this 21st century transformation is information. As a father, my kids are wired to most every communications device there is. Yet for all this ability to reach out and touch someone, there is no one place on the Internet where information on this new green revolution is gathered. Well there is now. In a 24/7 news culture, presents the green news and information you need. By being informed, we can all help lead.

So join us as we seek to inform and have some fun. Let’s get started!